is a human being

falling in love.

Dating as individual as you are.

Dating as individual as you are.

With Mouse and Bear dating agency you get real partner suggestions, that has not been generated by computer algorithms. Every member of our database has been proved by us. So we can get an idea of who the person is. With several tests we generate a costumer profile which contains among otheres personality facts, ambitions, strenghts and frailties.

This customer profile is the foundation of making good dating suggestions, that are reliable and trustworthy.

We can help you, finding your right partner. Get in touch with us.
We can help you to find the right partner!

Step 1: Character Analysis

The personality of a person is the result from various factors, that can not be depicted by computer programs. In substantial tests we get an good overview of who the person really is.

Step 2: Analyse Tests

The analysis of the tests is not done by a computer program. We check the results individually and ascertain a assessment of the person, based on personal experience and knowledge of human nature.

Step 3: Customer Profile

We generate a customer proilfe based on the results of the character analysis. This overall image gives us the opportunity to find the right partner suggestions in our huge database.

Step 4: Matching

After generating the customer profile we check our database for the right partner suggestions. Foundation of the suggestions is the comparison of the profiles and matching points between two persons.



Styling Tips

We can help you selecting the right clothing, make-up or date location.


Date tutoring

Communication, manners, behaviour towards the other sex.


Personal coaching

Training of personal strength, delicacy of feeling and poise.


Invididual training

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